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Where best to watch the German World Cup on the Upper East Side?

The World Cup this year is being played in Germany. So where can one find a good place to watch it on the Upper East Side? Sports Illustrated's Richard Deitsch went to the Heidelberg in Yorkville (2nd ave b/w 85th and 86th).

I am more than 4,000 miles from Munich's World Cup Stadium but when I arrive shortly after 11 a.m., I am feeling distinctly Deutsch. There are roughly 70 people at the restaurant, probably 30 percent German and one percent Red Bull. Veteran MLS player Steve Jolley, who has played against most of the members of the U.S. National team, is wearing a Bayern Munich jersey and sitting near one of the televisions. Like a one-man soccer Aesop, he will blog about his bar travels in New York City throughout the month.

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