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NY Post offers up the state of the UES construction

The New York Post has a story with a nice overview of all the recent construction in the neighborhood. They paint the landscape of all the buildings going up in the Yorkville area. Here's our bullet pointed version...

First, the ones we have posted about already:
  • Lucida on 86th and Lexington. Built by Extell.
  • The Brompton on 86th and 3rd. Built by Related.
  • Cantilevered L-shaped property on 85th and 2nd. Sold by Eastern Consolidated.

And the ones we haven't yet discussed here (but should):

There's definitely a lot going on. The real question we have is how the new construction plus the existing landscape will add up into some sort of neighborhood character. Will the area be defined by simply having shiney new buildings with big box retailers underneath? Or is there a way to incorporate something uniquely Yorkville into all this? Perhaps some sort of hint of the nabe's Eastern European roots.


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