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Possible development in Yorkville: 2nd ave b/w 85th - 86th

A Curbed reader has the scoop on some more possible development in Yorkville.

"Lately the Copycats copy shop on the east side of 85th and Second has been displaying a sign saying that they were closing because the building was coming down."

Apparently, it may be a low probability.

"One answer was that a developer had bought the building and was trying to buy the neighboring buildings, but had been rebuffed on the south by the owners of Panorama Cafe on the corner (an old bank building). To the north, Schaller and Weber and the Heidelberg restaurant (among the last commercial remnants of old Yorkville) have also declined..."

Will have to keep an eye out. On the 3rd ave and Lex ave corners, stores on those corners closed one by one over a short period of time to make room for pending consturction. We'll see if that happens here.

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