Absolut Second Avenue

The ad on this bus stop caught our eye. It's on a bus stop at 2nd ave and 86th st. Really quite clever. The tag line says "In an Absolut world" and there is a photo of a subway entrance. Look closely though and you'll see that its an entrance to the T line and the street sign says "2 Av".

True indeed. We're eagerly awaiting the second avenue subway.

Just around the corner from the bus stop, is the intersection where they took the photo in the ad. So, it truly is a photo of 2nd avenue.

A very clever ad with some local flair. Will the campaign work? Unfortunatlely, we've walked by the bus stop a couple times and never seen anyone else look twice at it. Nobody seems to notice.


UES Construction Porn: Brompton and Lucida

A little bit of construction porn for all the UES real estate fans out there. The Brompton and The Lucida are competing to be the new condo diva of 86th st. These two lux condos are going up only one block apart from eachother. We checked in on them to see how they are shaping up.

The Lucida

They've dug deep for the foundation of The Lucida. Counting the layers of scalfolding in the pit, it seems to be about 7-stories down. Room for underground parking perhaps?

The Brompton

Based on construction progress alone, The Brompton has a clear lead in this race. Crews are finishing up the 6th floor of concrete.