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DTUT replaced by wine bar Cafe Notte

They mystery over the space formerly occupied by DTUT has been solved. And it's opening Monday.

Cafe Notte is set to continue the free wifi hangout, but a bit more upscale. Expect a greater emphasis on the wine and food.

It is finally open and it is actually really great!! Hard to fill the shoes of DTUT like one of the owners Orly said- but the design is really nice- and there are still couches (more modern) and free wifi. The design is all "green design". Opening hours 7:00 am- 2:00 am in the morning. At 5:00 pm the wine bar starts.
They are also going to have childrens mornings as well as live music.

Great, more yuppie crap. This neighborhood is losing it's character!

Cafe Notte sounds like a fabulous new business to join the Upper East Side. Props to the green design, free wi-fi and wine bar. Also, it's a definitely perk in a family-friendly neighborhood to have children's mornings. We need to drop in and check the place out soon!

In case anyone else is wondering about a place for coffee now that DTUT is out (big frown), I was told about Oslo Coffee, on 75th. I just went to check it out last week and have been trying to get back there every day I can. Its a little more East, between First and York?, but wow! great coffee.
I checked out the Yelp reviews on their Brooklyn location-, and after seeing the positive I thought I'd try it. my advice is go see for yourself!! the cortado is so good! And regular coffee was fantastic. The staff was nice. They roast their own beans in Greenpoint too. how cool is that?

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