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Commerce Bank vs HSBC

Two banks just a block apart. Both HSBC and Commerce Bank are on 85th and 3rd. Banking there couldnt be any different though.

I went to Commerce Bank first. I don't have an account there, but heard I could bring in my coins for some crisp bills. So I went over with a big stash of coins that have been collecting on my dresser for the last year. Not only do they have an easy machine to use free of charge, but there was no line at the teller when I went to trade in my receipt for the cash. Everyone there was all smiles and helpful. There's even lolipops for the kids and dog treats for the pets.

Now HSBC, I do have an account at. I went to take care of something at the ATM. It didn't have the option I needed. So I went to the teller and waited in the huge line to see the one or two tellers. Not sure how long passed while in line but I went through about 5 games of soliatire on my cell phone while waiting. And when I got to the teller he said he couldn't help me. Try customer service. Line there? Of course. Able to help me? Nope.

Next time I need to open an account, I know where its going to be.

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Hey there, I'm a commerce bank employee, and I just wanted to say it's really nice to find your comment on our banking,...espicially considering the bank is in another area than mine...it's just nice to hear these things, and that we do make customers feel special, because at least i know that's what i try to do everyday, cause commerce allows us to make it easy for you customers:) ...next time you go in to use the penny arcade ask them if they have a special deal for opening an account after using the penny arcade, we have 20 dollar coupons down here, (free money! yes!) ...but i don't know about up there...anyways...have a great day!

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