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Inside Edition: Rats at Papaya King

Yuck! Inside Edition went patrolling the streets of New York looking for rats in city restaurants. According to Gothamist.com, the cameras found them at a bunch of restaurants including Papaya King, the popular Upper East Side hotdog joint on 86th and 3rd.


Papaya King's President, Daniel Horan, told INSIDE EDITION that mice are a
citywide problem that restaurants grapple with everyday. He adds, "During
seventy-five years in business, we have continuously maintained and exceeded all
city health requirements," and says "food is kept in secure storage facilities
that is safe and sealed from all contamination. To this end, we stand by the
quality and safety of our restaurants."


Is this really just a common problem we should all just accept?

No. The owners of all restaurants have a moral obligation to protect all types of food for sale to
everyone... "Cleanliness is next to Godliness!" Drop a dime and call 311, don't be afraid to be a
"rat" also... Prevent disease and the suffering of your neighbors.
"An injury to one is an injury to all." Take the time out to do your
duty. Fear not...

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