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Restaurant, Bar and Entertainment Highlights

After much extremely scientific analysis, here's what we've decided are the top spots in Yorkville. What do you think are the best places in the neighborhood? Your comments are always welcome.


  • Comic Strip Live [1568 Second Ave]

  • City Cinemas [210 E. 86th St]

  • AMC Loews Orpheum [1538 Third Ave]

  • UA East [1629 First Ave]


  • Pio Pio [1746 1ST Ave]

  • Poke [305 E 85TH St]

  • Zocalo [174 E 82nd St]

  • Beyoglu [1431 3rd Ave]

  • DTUT (Actualy, it's a coffe shop) [1626 2nd Ave]


  • Brandy's Piano Bar [235 East 84th Street]

  • Heidelberg [1648 2nd Ave]

  • The Auction House [300 E 89th St]

  • Uptown Lounge [1576 3rd Ave ]

Cafe D'Alsace
York Grill
Etas Unis
Eli's Vinegar Factory

kewl. but you forgot ryans daughter on 85th off 1st, after the starbucks. by far the best bar in our area. you almost feel like you could maybe sorta kinda be downtown.

Some others for food:
* Delizia 92 and Nick's for pizza/Italian
* Ichiro for sushi
* Rughetta for Italian

I second the choice of York Grill (amazing food and amazing service) and Ryan's daugther. Both very different from each other but fit different moods and personalities. Cheers!

Good to get some suggestions. I just moved in and have had mixed experiences at local restaurants. I went to Genesis last night and told by waitress that an outside table would soon be available and I chose to wait. Ten minutes later a staff person started bringing a just arrived couple to a table. I politely said I had been waiting. I was then subject to a cross examination about who had told me and when and it couldn't be, etc. I walked away. It's hard to believe that they can be so cavalier about how they treat customers. There are 5 other restuarants on the same block.

Kinsale Tavern is a great bar with great service. I go there all the time for football games. Its on 94th and 3rd Ave. Get the cheeseburger! It's amazing.


San Matteo is coming soon too!

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