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DTUT Closing. NYC's Fave Coffee Shop Loses Lease

Say it ain't so! The latest case of a Manhattan favorite losing its lease is DTUT in Yorkville. The coffee shop on 85th and 2nd seems to always be full despite the large space. Folks come for the great coffee, good beer selection and fun desserts, but mostly because its a great place to lounge around and work or chat.

Now DTUT is closing its doors. Signs around the coffee shop announce that this Sunday, June 24th, is their last day open. They seem to have lost their lease.

Hopefuly, the nearby M Rohrs coffee shop on 86th (between 2nd and 1st) survives. While not a perfect substitute for the beloved DTUT, Rohrs also offers a comfortable coffee shop with an indy vibe.

Leave a comment if this saddens you as much as it does me.

Terrible to hear about the closing of DTUT. This establishment has been an upper east side rage for over 10 years now! Is anyone out there trying to fight for this place to remain open? Is there any neighborhood assoc. involved with trying to keep this great place going? When I was a student back in the 90's we used to come here and study and hang out. Lets do something!

I really wish that people had pitched in and tried to fight to keep it open in some way. DTUT was more than just a coffee shop, it was a community center.

Maybe the owners could have moved to a different location? First Avenue? Or maybe they could have done something similar to what Galapagos of Brooklyn is doing now?

In any event, the absence of DTUT is going to leave a gaping hole in many people's lives. I know it will in mine.

It really does feel like a death in the family.

Really too bad. DTUT was a fixture on the UES. It was always great to pop in there during the winter and grab a hot chocolate. Sad.

I am pissed! This is one of the few really great places to hang out and chat in the Upper East Side. Really its a shame for the whole community that it is closing. This place can't close, it must re-open somewhere!

If anyone can get some type of contact information of the owner I would like to send him a message of support.

Now where am I going to pick up high school girls?

I'm so annoyed about this. A huge loss for the neighborhood!!

I used to live above DT-UT. The landlord is a crook. Most likely there was a longstanding beef, if not litigation, and his retaliation was jacking up the rent.

NYC's fave coffee shop? Are you serious? What the hell is so great about it? I never could stand the place. It just attracted a bunch of posers. I'm glad to see it go.

i'm terrbily sad and annoyed that this place is gone! I'm not even FROM NYC! I would visit new york three times a year and make it a point to visit dtut- becuase, truly there is no other place like it in Manahattan. Now that I live here, I want it more than ever- this is SO LAME.

i just moved here and didn't even have a hance to experience DT UT :(
Are there other nice coffee shops in the neighbourhood to hang out and work? I don't want to be stuck working at home al the time...

I found a big rat in my coffee there once, there was a big disgusting tail sticking out of my cup, when i asked for a refund the guy behind the counter, who I think was stoned, said that was what I ordered (!)..

There wasn't even "rat coffee" on the menu...

what a rip off...

Man, I am soooo bummed to hear that DTUT has closed. I live in San Francisco but every time i'm in NYC I make a point to go there...what a loss!

DTUT was such a wonderful place for the community! I hate to see a "mom & pop" place get pushed out like this. Places like this give the neighborhood character. I'm sorry but the B&N and Starbucks of the world are a poor comparison for when you want to meet up with some friends and have a drink, study, listen to music, etc.

DTUT was the only real lounge in Manhattan. I practically lived there growing up on the UES. Through Open Mic nights, a variety of drinks and desserts, and couches, this place was nothing short of epic. It truly was the 'main square' of Yorkville life.

It was the first place I told friends from outside the city to visit, because it was an instant dose of NYC.

You will be missed, DTUT. If I ever have the money, I will carry on the legacy as best I can. To the owners, who I met a few times: I sure hope you reopen somewhere else, or teach other "coffee shops" how to be epic too. In any event, I owe you most of my high school experience. Thank you.

When I was in college I used to hang out there all of the time. It is a sad thing that it is closing. It will be missed!

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