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UES Cantilever Bldg Has a Name: Georgica?

It is by far one of our least favorite names for a new condo development. According to the banners hung around 305 E 85th st, the cantilevered building The Ascend Group is developing will be called "Georgica".

The website is quite vague at this point

Based on the page's HTML description it seems they are looking to target families.
The new luxury Upper East Side development. This is Georgica. Residential couture. Contoured to the modern family. Spacious, expansive, multidimensional. The new Upper East Side.

yah but what the hell do you know about names - we think name is cool - reminds me of hamptons. way hipper than counterparts - lucida, brompton - whats up with that?

Who the fuck cares what it's called? "The Brompton", Lucida, Georgica. All buildings for yuppie, fucker assholes, with prices starting at, like, a million a pop. Slogan should be, "Priced for the asshole(s) in your neighborhood!" :-D Figures it reminds you of The Hamptons (Brompton, Hampton...obviously not much difference there) Oooooh, woweee, The HAMPtons, dear...that's another gathering of asshole cluster-fucks. But, hey, that's just typical of the self-centered jerk-offs that live on the Upper-East Side. Well, GooooOOOOOooooOOOoood fer yew! And excuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuse me!!!

Hope you all stay warm this winter by going and fucking yourselves.


get a life

...preferably not in my neighborhood


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