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Kid Fresh

Did I say Bar 84? I meant Kid Fresh.

The new tenant of the old Elk Candy store is an innovative little place called Kid Fresh. It's a food store selling healthy meals for children. The kind of thing that I can only imagine succeeding in a happily wealthy neighborhood. The place looks more like a toy store than grocery and makes such fun foods as sandwiches cut into little shapes. I bet its really popular for afterschool snacks.

It's shelves are surprisingly barren for such a small store though. I would have assumed they'd have to pack the place to make any $$.

Has anyone been to Last Licks? It is an ice cream sports bar for kids. It is actually really cool inside they have a "dugout" where you can sit and watch sports games and eat your ice cream or shake, TONS of different types of candy to buy and really cool sports memorabilia and toys. If you like sports definitly go check it out. It is located East 93rd Street and Second Avenue.

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