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Pinkberry opens on the Upper East

My love hate for Pinkberry...

Pinkberry opened up a shiny new location on the Upper East Side (2nd ave b/w 81st and 82nd) serving all-natural frozen yogurt.

Love it because it is bringing a trendy and innovative new place to Yorkville. It has fun toys on the shelves as decoration, cool music, and unique toppings like capt'n crunch cereal or fresh kiwi.

Hate it because it is the only frozen yogurt I've tried that actually tastes like - yikes - yogurt! Apparently I'm odd though, because folks always seem to be in line for the stuff. I gave it a shot a couple times and just can't get over that sour yogurty taste.

Oh well, I really wanted to like it. But for those that like the taste of yogurt, its a great place to stop before going to Comic Strip Live across the street for a show.



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