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If "Wine For Dummies" opened a store

I'm no connoseiur, so when I do have the occasional desire to buy a bottle of wine, I'm always stopped in my tracks by the overwhelming selection of bottles at the supermarket or wine shop. Usually its shelf after shelf of wine with an occasional card attached to describe a particular wine.

Then I discovered Best Cellars on 87th and Lexington. They make it simple. The whole store has maybe about 100 wines, all under $15. They did all the work to narrow the selection down to just the best wines. Why should you wade through a huge selection to discover good ones yourself? And even better, the wines are organized along an easy spectum. Whites go from fresh to soft to luscious. And reds fo from juicy to smooth, big and sweet. Simple.

JetBlue seems to think they're cool too; Best Cellars is providing the wines on JetBlue flights.



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